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Elecbrakes Bluetooth Electric Brake Controller eb2


Elecbrakes Bluetooth Electric Brake Controller eb2.

We’re excited to announce the release of EB2, the evolution of the original Elecbrakes ELBC2000-PS. EB2 carries forward all the capabilities you know and love from the previous model, and then some.

A Closer Look at the Latest Upgrades
Integrated Deutsch PLUG
The integrated Deutsch allows EB2 to be mounted in tighter spaces.

Certified IP67
EB2 has undergone independent testing by our IP agency and through extensive testing, achieved IP67 certification. The EB2 is waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof, making it a dependable choice for durability and optimal performance in all towing conditions.

Tap + Tow
We’ve made it even easier to connect your unit. EB2 uses tap technology (NFC) to download the app and connect the unit. You simply need to bring your phone close to the unit and follow the prompts on your phone!

Intelligent Safeguards
EB2 is built to last. In addition to the IP67 certification, we have built into EB2 the intelligence to regulate itself with thermal protection and short circuit protection if extreme conditions are met.

Smart Brake Sensor
EB2 will measure the power applied to the brakes and feed this information back to the user’s app. Elecbrakes can resolve any issues you might encounter. It uses live data and intelligent diagnosis capabilities to diagnose and assist troubleshooting.

Over the Air Updates
EB2 will have improved firmware update capabilities allowing feature updates,
accessible through the Elecbrakes App via the user’s phone. Ensure your app is up to date to take advantage of the most recent updates.

Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play

Improved Multiple Device Management
EB2 allows the user to have better management of their devices. Users can manage multiple devices on the app at one time. This means if you have a fleet or multiple trailers, you can add all devices to the app for easy management.

Time-Tested Features: Consistency You Can Rely On
As we introduce EB2, we want to emphasize that what’s worked for you before still works. The foundational features you’ve relied on in our previous unit remain unchanged.

EB2 will still feature all the qualities that make Elecbrakes the most innovative brake controller on the market but we have continued to engineer the EB2 so it’s now the smartest and toughest brake controller out there.

Easy to install
Follow our 4 step installation guide and get your rig on the road in less than 10 minutes.

Plug + Play
Simple “Plug + Play” installation means there’s no complicated wiring knowledge required.

Trailer Mounted Flexibility
Mounted to the trailer, not the tow vehicle, for ultimate flexibility.

Multiple Vehicle Towing Capability
Our electric brake controller can be mounted on any trailer and towed by any vehicle.

5 User-Defined Programs
Set, store and select user-defined brake programs for different towing scenarios.

Australian Made
Elecbrakes has always been proudly Australian made, and will continue to be.

Tow Anything
Trailer-mounted for use with multiple tow vehicles, you won’t need to cut into the dashboard or make any other modifications. You can mount it to more than just caravans too. Boat trailers, horse floats, trade trailers, hire trailers, farm trailers. Tow it all with Elecbrakes!

The Device Revolutionising The Way We Tow

Elecbrakes is the electric brake controller revolutionising towing in Australia and New Zealand. Delivering unparalleled performance, safety and flexibility, this trailer-mounted solution is compatible with any tow vehicle.

Suitable for caravans, trailers, horse floats and boat trailers, our 10-minute Plug and Play setup eliminates the need to modify your tow vehicle. Complete with custom presets and a smooth proportional brake response, it’s time for a seamless towing experience.

Apple CarPlay
Experience the next level of towing convenience with Elecbrakes CarPlay! Fully integrated with Apple CarPlay, this innovation in the Elecbrakes App places control right at your fingertips, revolutionising the towing experience. Enjoy a safer, more seamless journey with Elecbrakes. CarPlay is available across all Elecbrakes devices, including previous releases.

Plug + Play Installation
Plug the adaptor into the car plug and the trailer socket, Elecbrakes is fast and easy to install within 10 minutes. Mount the wireless controller to your trailer draw bar with screws. Then just plug the adaptor into your trailer cable and vehicle socket. Now you’re ready to hit the road.

Tow Anything
Trailer-mounted for use with multiple tow vehicles, you won’t need to cut into the dashboard or make any other modifications. You can mount it to more than just caravans too. Boat trailers, horse floats, trade trailers, hire trailers, farm trailers. Tow it all with Elecbrakes!


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Weight .700 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 15 cm


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