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Keeping your camper trailer in quality shape is certainly necessary for the ongoing safety, enjoyment and convenience of future camping adventures. Here at Trailer and Caravan Super Store, we stock all the camper trailer accessories you’ll need to maintain your trailer.

What are camper trailer accessories?

Camping trailer accessories include any pieces of hardware, products or items that can be added to your trailer to make it more useful, functional or better.

There are a variety of different types of trailer accessories. Some, such as security hardware, keep you and your contents safe and secure, while others such as towing aids are simply there to ensure your next camping trip is as enjoyable as possible. 


The benefits of trailer accessories

While you might be wondering whether the accessories are necessary, especially considering the costs, you’d most certainly be needing to sink even more money over the long term if you ignore your camping trailer and fail to maintain its quality. 

1. Make the most of your camper trailer

Your camper trailer needs to keep up with you and your adventure so making sure it has all the accessories you need is one way to do that. With our online Super Store, it’s now more convenient and more affordable than ever to get all the accessories you need.

2. Save money

While purchasing trailer accessories will set you back a little, over the long term it’s a worthy investment. Ensuring your contents and vehicle are safe, secure and maintained properly will prevent accidents, damage and wear and tear down the line. 

3. Peace of mind

When your trailer is parked and secured with chocks, or left and locked behind you, you’ll enjoy unprecedented and invaluable peace of mind knowing that with the right trailer parts and accessories you can keep focused on the fun of the day at hand. 


The most important trailer accessories you must have


From gas struts and fittings to spare wheel carriers, there’s a ton of handy hardware to ensure you’re never caught in a sticky situation. If you’re not sure what sort of hardware you should be stocking up on for your particular model of camping trailer, make sure to reach out to our team today.

Security Locks

Secure, hardwearing and reliable locks can literally be the key to keeping your vehicle and equipment safe. There’s a wide range of lock styles available so you can most certainly find the type that best suits your preferences and applications.

Wheel Hubs and Brakes

Part of maintaining the quality of your camper trailer is ensuring that your wheel hubs and brakes are up to scratch. Fortunately, Trailer and Caravan Super Store has just about everything you need to both maintaining or–if necessary–replacing your wheel hubs and brakes, 

Wheels and Tyres

Does your trailer have a spare wheel carrier? What would happen if you were out on the road and far from home and needed a spare tyre? Affordable, life-saving and easy to install, our spare wheel carriers are a must have for any camping enthusiast.

Bearings and Seals

Bearings and seals may not be top of the list of the most exciting of trailer accessories but they’re certainly unsung heroes. By making sure you have the spare accessories and hardware for an emergency repair or replacement job you can rest assured that your adventure is less at risk of being disrupted. 

Jockey Wheels, Stands, Steps & Chocks

We stock a range of additional accessories to ensure you are ready and prepared for any eventuality. 

Jockey Wheels

These handy wheels are retractable and height adjustable and can be installed on your trailer or caravan.


Upgrade, replace or improve your jockey wheel by choosing one of our heavy duty and expertly designed stands.


Having a humble step on hand can help you easily access whatever or wherever you need. From folding, self-standing steps to LED-lit caravan-compatible aluminium steps, you’ll find it all right here.

Towballs and Towing Aids

Towing other vehicles, trailers or equipment (think jet skis and the like) require hard wearing and heavy duty tow balls and towing aids. Our wide range of towing trailer accessories even include models with extra long shanks, high rises and unique vehicle-specific compatibility (such as quad bikes). 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a travel trailer?

Travel trailers are very useful and popular as you can unhitch them from your towing vehicle and park them independently at your campsite. That allows you to drive off in your car to explore the surrounding area while having your home away from home safely and securely waiting for you where you parked it. 

What are camper trailers called?

Camper trailers are sometimes referred to as a mobile home or even caravan. In Australia, the term camper trailer refers specifically to the free standing camper vehicle that can be hitched and towed by another vehicle. 

What’s the difference between a camper and RV?

The main difference is that camper trailers must be towed while an RV, which stands for recreational vehicle, is driven itself. RVs do tend to be bigger than camper trailers but this is not necessarily the case. 


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