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50mm Mechanical Override Trailer Coupling 1000kg / 2000kg

$150.00 GST

50mm Mechanical Override Trailer Coupling 1000kg / 2000kg


50mm Mechanical Override Trailer Coupling 1000kg / 2000kg

This Override Braking hitch has a total capacity of 2,000Kg. The spring is rated at 1000kg. This coupling is designed for braked trailers with a gross of 1 tonne. If you use a standard 2000kg coupling on a trailer with a gross of 1000kg, the spring will not compress under braking and therefore the brakes will not activate.

Override hitches are ideal for use in different brake applications including hydraulic and mechanical disc and drum braking systems. When fitted correctly, as the driver applies brake pressure, the spring inside the hitch is forced rearwards pushing on the brake bracket thus applying brakes.


  • The spring in this coupling is rated at 1000kg
  • ADR rated to 2000 Kg.
  • Meets Australian Standards ASA 4177.3
  • Heavy duty
  • grease nipples fitted for easy servicing.
  • Standard 4 bolt Mounting Hole Spacing 185mm x 54mm x 13.5mm.
  • Quick release lockable safety catch.
  • Adjustable tow ball anti rattle screw.
  • Reversing lockout facility to disable braking.
  • Colour may vary.




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Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 50 × 15 × 20 cm