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AL-KO Premium Electric Brakes backing plate 10″ for Caravan

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AL-KO Premium Electric Brakes backing plate 10″ for Caravan


AL-KO Premium Electric Brakes backing plate 10″ for Caravan

  • 1x AL-KO Premium Electric Brakes 10″ for Caravan LHS
  • Suitable for: Caravan & Trailer
  • 1600kg capacity per pair
  • Works with 4-bolt mounting flange with bolt holes 71.50mm apart as pictured
  • Reduce stopping distances 50 percent more than most other brakes.
  • Reduce tow vehicle brake wear.
  • This backing plate suits the ALKO ESC system, no others will.



Which electric backing plate you choose will determine how your caravan will handle under braking. Electric backing plates are not all made the same therefore some work better than others. These ALKO brakes are amongst the top brands for caravans. They will give you maximum braking and reliability due to the quality of the parts used in manufacture. When ALKO ESC is fitted to a caravan from the factory, they also use these backing plates.

The main problem with inferior backing plates, other than how they work, is the magnets. They tend to wear unevenly. This becomes a problem when it is time to replace the magnets during a service. When the magnet wears unevenly, the drum is also worn in the same way. This means that the drum will also need to be replaced.







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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 31 × 31 × 11 cm

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