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Alko override trailer coupling

$117.00 GST


Standard Alko Bolt on coupling for up to 1000kg loads, We have 2000kg ones available.

Light spring suitable for up to 1000 Kg loads. Stamped with 2000kg

Made for light loads or single axle braked trailers (if you use a heavy spring one on a light load, the brakes will not work properly)

Antirattle head adjustment screw.

Padlocking facility for security

4 bolt mount

Grease nipples fitted for servicing

Reversing lockout facility to disable braking

Heavy duty 38 mm shaft with domed end for more precise surface contact with the brake lever giving smoother braking.

Standard 4 bolt Mounting Hole SpacingĀ 185mm x 54mm x 13.5mm.

Braking Options

Can be fitted with any of our braking options, including:

Hydraulic Braking Mechanical Braking 2 Tonne Rating

Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 50 × 15 × 20 cm