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Extended cap type loose wheel nut indicator 19mm

$4.00 GST


1x Extended cap type loose wheel nut indicator 19mm

The Safewheel extended and cap type indicator not only provides real time, between service constant visual indication of LOOSENING wheels and OVERHEATING brakes but additionally protects the stud thread. The extended versions are designed to fit vehicles with recessed nuts or trucks with front wheel trims.

For cost-efficient, effective and proactive fleet maintenance and increased safety, your wheel safety product must, at the very least, provide an indication of these issues between scheduled maintenance checks. This allows for timely scheduled intervention, minimising expensive part replacement and unscheduled downtime.


These issues are the fundamental reasons for loosening wheels. If not detected early, due to high cyclical loads, these common problems will quickly result in expensive wheel end repairs, excessive vehicle down time, or at worst disastrous wheel detachment

Please Note: The Visual Loose Wheel Nut Indicator can be cleaned using any of available detergent solutions, or kerosene, and are unaffected by road salts or petrochemicals. The Visual Loose Wheel Nut Indicator default colour is safety yellow.

Additional information

Weight .050 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 cm


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