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Pair of 12″ electric offroad brake magnets

$186.00 GST


2 x off road electric brake magnets 1 left hand side and 1 right hand side

Please let us know if you need 2 of one side.

Can be used on all 12″ elec brake backing plates

The single slotted hole stops them flogging out on rough roads

We use these as replacement magnets on all trailer repairs that come into the shop so we know the quality is good

24mm thick

Includes spring

You do not install a clip with offroad magnets. To fit these magnets, place the spring onto the shaft then put the magnet on. Wrap an elastic band around the shaft and magnet, then fit the drum. The elastic band will fall off once you spin the drum.

Additional information

Weight .800 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 10 cm