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10″ 6 stud electric Brake Drum

$219.50$359.50 GST

SKU: (H22) (D88,D87,D82,D81,D80) (H24,H25,H30,H31,H33,H34) (NK1,NK2,NK3,NK4) Categories: , , , ,


6 stud Land cruiser electric brake kit includes,

1 x Drum 10″ electric with Nuts (H22)

1 x Electric Backing Plate to suit 10″ drum

Type Part No.
Right hand side (Standard) H24
Left hand side (Standard) H25
Right hand side (AL-KO Premium) H30
Left hand side (AL-KO Premium) H31
Right hand side (Dexter) H33
Left hand side (Dexter) H34

1 x Flange Mounting Plate to suit:

Type Part No.
40mm Round D88
40mm Square D87
45mm Round D82
45mm Square D81
50mm Square D80

1 x Bearing Set large bearing, small bearing, standard seal, dust cap, split pin

Type Part No.
LM Holden (Chinese) NK1
LM Holden (Japanese) NK2
Slimline Ford (Chinese) NK3
Slimline Ford (Japanese) NK4

If you need to do one complete axle you will need 2 of these kits.

Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 35 cm
Axle flange electric size

40mm Round, 40mm Square, 45mm Round, 45mm Square, 50mm Square

Electrical backing plate

Left hand side (AL-KO premium), Left hand side (dexter), Left hand side (Standard), Right hand side (AL-KO premium), Right hand side (dexter), Right hand side (Standard)

Wheel bearings

LM Holden (chinese), LM Holden (japanese), Slimline Ford (chinese), Slimline Ford (japanese)