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Hydraulic Disc Caliper

$170.00 GST


1x Alko hydraulic disc Caliper. Constructed of cast iron and dacromet coated to give ultimate durability and rust resistance.
Cast iron and dacromet coated construction prevents flexing – keeps braking torque consistent
Rubber dust cover around piston to stop particals getting in
Self-adjusting design ensures smooth, even braking
Low-drag ability retracts piston farther than traditional models
Less friction leads to a cooler-running brake
54mm Piston is larger than in most disc brake systems
Increased braking torque
Shorter stopping distance
pads provide superior performance for more consistent braking
Withstand high temperatures for maximum wear
Construction is durable – ideal for extended marine use due to dacromet finish (outlasts galvanised giving twice the life expectancy)
1 x Hydraulic Disc Calipers. Includes Pads and bolts. Dacromet finish for Boat Trailers.
Hole centres of 90mm.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 20 cm