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Awning lights Rocker switch 12 or 24V

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Awning lights Rocker switch 12 or 24V

Switch surface size is 49mm x 25mm and uses a standard din size mounting hole of 36mm x 22mm, which is the standard size in most vehicles. Please ensure you check these measurements to ensure correct fitment.

Robust design
Upper backlight light is ON when the switch is pressed UP.
Lower backlight can be wired to your dash light circuit for constant backlight to switch
Waterproof rating of IP66.
Same size as the switches sold at well-known 4×4 store
Rated 20A 12V / 24v 10
Wiring diagram supplied with switch.
Cut-out dimensions 21mm x 36.83mm
Whilst our rocket switches are 20amp rated, we strongly recommend that power is run via inline fuse.
All graphic and text are printed on switch face using state of the inks to ensure long life. Unlike imitation switches that use stickers prone to wear.

Back Light Colour: Blue
Cut-out Dimensions: 21mm x 36.83mm
Rated: 20A 12v / 10A 24v
Switch Dimension: 49mm x 25mm

Additional information

Weight .080 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 4 cm


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