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80 watt monocrystaline folding solar panel kit inc regulator

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80 Watt Folding Solar Panel Kit


Max power: 80W

Max power voltage: 18V

Max power current: 4.44A

Open-circuit voltage: 21.6V

Short-circuit current: 4.88A

Solar cell: Monocrystalline

Folded dimension: 600mm x 540mm x 75mm

Weight: 8 Kg

Compact, powerful and lightweight: Compact in size, this unit folds up easily for simple storage and vehicle transportation. Lightweight with rolled edge metal frame. Convenient bag with carry strap: Durable padded bag protects your solar panel during storage and transportation. Built-in solar controller: Maintains battery life in a fully charged state while protecting it from over charge and solar discharge. Fold away support legs: Convenient support legs fold out to allow easy mounting on flat ground. The legs place the panels at an optimum angle for maximum performance. 5 Metre lead with clips: Makes battery connection easy.