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Pair of LED square 12V submersible tail lights

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1 pair of Square LED submersible taillight
A simple DIY trailer lighting kit designed for the budget conscious consumer, delivering the durability of maintenance free LED technology and greater visibility providing increased safety. Theses combination lamps produce more light output than incandescent lamps whilst drawing a fraction of the current. Constructed with durable polycarbonate lenses and housings, these lamps are dust & water proof and totally maintenance free with a lifespan rated at 100,000hrs. Fitment is also made easy with integrated twin mounting studs and stainless steel hardware.
Compact LED combination lamp ‚‚
12V DC input & low current draw ‚‚
100,000 hour rated LED lifespan with solid state technology ‚‚
Water & dust proof (submersible) ‚‚
Sealed polycarbonate lens & housing ‚‚
Integrated reflector ‚‚
Pre-wired with 300mm sheathed tinned copper cable ‚‚
Easy surface mount stainless steel twin stud installation ‚‚
Maintenance free ‚‚
ADR/ECE approved for all functions

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Weight .365 kg
Dimensions 28 × 30 × 8 cm