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number plate light 72x41x50mm 9-33volt screw mount

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The NPL3LED licence plate lamp is an innovative design which is suitable for many applications. The lamp incorporates a wide angle optic lens to ensure optimum licence plate illumination. Ultra-fast mounting is achieved by simple through hole screws. The lamp is rated to IP67 and includes a generous cable length making it suited to most applications for licence plate illumination requirements.


• Innovative design
• Wide angle optics
• Quick and easy mounting
• Ideal for most applications
• Fully ADR compliant


Specifications Applications• Trucks • Heavy Trailers • Trailers • RVFunctionsLicence PlateVoltage9-33V DC Varivolt®Wattage1.0WMounting
Screw Mount Materials
Polycarbonate Lens ABS Body Environmental
IP67 Hermetically Sealed Cable Length0.5MDimensions72x41x50mmADR Compliance
Licence Plate 48/00: Single Compliance Homologation Certification

ECE (Emark)





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Weight .070 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 3 cm