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LED 10-30V Bullbar indicator Signal light

$31.50 GST


1x Bullbar light
This is an innovative full featured LED bull bar lamp comprising indicator and front position functions in a single package solution. This lamp features a heavy duty construction designed specifically for SUVs and extreme environments. The clear lens design is highly aesthetic to match modern vehicle styling. A tab mount design allows for simple mounting with side adjustment. Dimensions of this light allow for retrofit, upgrade or replacement of similar style older bull bar lamps. Suit OE, SUV and commercial applications.

• Full function with front direction indicator / front position
• Highly aesthetic lens design to suit modern vehicle styles
• Heavy duty construction
• Fully ADR compliant

Applications: • SUV • Trucks • Rigid Body • Custom Builds
Functions: Front Position / Front Direction Indicator
Voltage: 9-33V DC Varivolt
Wattage: Front Position: 1.8W
Front Direction Indicator: 3.7W
Mounting: Tab Mount
Materials: Polycarbonate Lens ABS Body
Environmental: IP67 Hermetically Sealed
Cable Length: 0.3M
ADR Compliance: Front Position: 49/00, Front Direction Indicator:6/00:Cat1

Additional information

Weight .300 kg
Dimensions 34 × 13 × 8 cm