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Triple LED 595x130mm truck light

$210.00 GST


Popular Jumbo Design
ADR approved
IP67 100% Water proof
12-24 Volt
5 Year Warranty
595mm x 130mm x 45mm

Fitting Instructions
Horizontally mount onto flat surface using bolts in back of lamp, run wire through hole in fixing surface. Please refer to ADR 13/00 for mounting instructions.

LED Qty 72
Cable 1.2m
Draw              Stop                  Tail                  Ind
@13.8V         0.47A               0.04A              0.42A
@28V            0.27A               0.03A              0.28A

Approvals      Function      Category     CRN
ADR              Stop/Tail        49/00        42965
ADR              Indicator        6/00 2a     42964
ADR              Reflector       47/00        42966

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 65 × 20 × 13 cm


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