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Pair of 12v LED lights load resistor

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Are your indicators flashing too fast after you have installed LED indicators? These resistors are an easy fix for the problem.
Indicators that are flashing too fast are caused by low current draw through the flasher unit; when you remove a 21watt globe and replace it with a LED light, the LED will not draw sufficient current to activated the flasher unit correctly. When resistors are installed they will draw the same current as the 21watt globe and there for flash at the correct speed.

This Listing is for a 1 LED load Resistor (12 volt) to fix Indicators flashing too fast After Fitting LED Lights.
They are easy to install; Just connect one wire to Negative (Earth or Ground) and the other wire to the indicator positive wire. You need to install one resistor on each side (one on Left & one on Right) and the wiring from the resistor can be connected either way (ex. it does not matter which wire is negative or positive so you cannot connect it the wrong way as is the case with many of the resistors on the market).

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Weight .080 kg
Dimensions 11 × 5 × 4 cm