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Pair of White clear LED front Marker Clearance Lights

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2x clear marker lights

This series is a compact, low profile LED marker with a highly contoured design for seamless integration with modern vehicle styles. Designed for reliability and performance this range of markers provides ADR compliant solutions for front end outline, rear position, supplementary indicator and side marker functions. Featuring a small footprint design this series can be fitted easily where space is limited. With slimline smart clip mounting the clip base is invisible when the lamp is installed which makes a perfect lamp to vehicle match and professional finish.



  • Low profile LED marker • highly aesthetic optics • Slimline design • Invisible Smart Clip™ mounting • Fully ADR compliant


Front Position – Clear

Voltage 9-33V DC Varivolt

Wattage 0.4W – all functions

Mounting Invisible Smart Clip

Lens Material Polycarbonate

Environmental Protection IP67

Cable Length 0.5MDimensions 57x35x21mm

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Weight .136 kg
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 9 cm