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Heat Shrink tube kit waterproof 120pcs red & black

$27.50 GST


120 Pcs waterproof heat shrink tube kit

Waterproof tube shrinks to fit over cables and wiring harnessing.

Ideal for marine, automotive and any wiring applications.

Shrink ratio 3:1

7.9x75mm, black, 10pcs

9.5x75mm, black, 8pcs

12.7x75mm, black, 6pcs

12.7x45mm, red, 6pcs

9.5x45mm, red, 8pcs

7.9x45mm, red, 10pcs

6.4x45mm, black, 6pcs

6.4x45mm, red, 6pcs

4.8x45mm, black, 10pcs

4.8x45mm, red, 10pcs

3.2x45mm, black, 20pcs

3.2x45mm, black, 20pcs



Additional information

Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 27 × 13 × 5 cm