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Portable battery power box

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1 x power battery box

1 x 40mm wide webbing strap Inside box size: Length 325mm x Width 185mm x Height 200mm Outside box size: Length 410mm x Width 250mm x Height 310mm (including lid & handles)

BATTERY CONDITION INDICATOR Avoid being stranded with a flat battery, at the touch of a button the meter will indicate the battery condition.

ACCESSORY SOCKET Convenient for all accessories such as coolers, vacuum cleaners portable lights etc. Plugs directly into battery box.

CIRCUIT BREAKER No more replacing fuses or danger of overheating wires, the accessory socket is connected to 10 amp- circuit breaker that cuts out when overloaded and reset by pressing a button.

EXTERNAL TERMINALS No tools required for connecting or disconnecting terminals for safety and to prevent power leak when not in use. Useful for easily charging the battery. Solid brass terminal posts.

BATTERY BOX Made from impact resistant Polypropylene, ideal for keeping the areas clean from messy battery residue.

CARRYING HANDLE Designed for easy carrying with one hand and prevents contact with battery acid residue.

ADJUSTABLE STRAP For use when carrying or securing battery box in a fixed position with mounting brackets and stainless steel screws provided.


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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 43 × 27 × 35 cm