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Yellow Natural gas LPG PTFE thread seal tape

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P.T.F.E. Thread Seal Tape (Gas)

Resistant to almost all types of acids, bases, solvents, chemicals etc., (with the exception of fluorine, some fluoride chemicals and melted alkali metals).

Non-flammable (ASTM D-635 D-470). Non-ageing. High tensile strength even at low temperatures. Break-down resistant, especially, in connection with bending and vibrations. Suitable for Natural Gas and LPG (Propane & Butane)

Application: Kitchen, Laundry, Bathroom

For use with: LPG (Propane), NG

Pressure Rating (kPa): 2000

AGA Approval No.: 7070

Colour: Yellow

Tape Dimensions (Width x Thickness) (mm): 12mm x 0.1mm

Length (m): 10


Additional information

Weight .050 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 cm