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Hema map Victorian High country atlas & guide 4×4 3rd edition

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Victoria the high country atlas & guide 3rd edition

The definitive guidebook for discovering the Victorian High Country, featuring the Top 30 4WD Trips written by Ron and Viv Moon, in combination with topographic atlas mapping for the region.

40 atlas pages at a scale of 1:150 000

Top 30 4WD Trips

Best campsites

Adventure activities

Trip planning tips

This brand new edition of Hema’s best-selling outdoor guidebook for discovering the Victorian High Country now features 40 atlas pages at a large scale of 1:150 000 in a stunning new cartographic style. The guide now features the Top 30 4WD Trips for the High Country, which has been written by off-road legends Ron and Viv Moon. Also included is an introduction to the region, as well as information sections on planning the trip and what to see and do. There are detailed touring sections on the distinct regions of the High Country, including the Great Alpine Road, Alpine National Park as well as Snowy River and Baw Baw national parks. The Top 30 4WD Trips are broken into their respective localities, with each trip containing comprehensive trip information including gradings, distances, relevant travel information and drive coverage from start to finish.


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