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Poly Hose Tee & Reducing Hose Tee With Barbs | 10mm up to 25mm

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Poly Hose Tee & Reducing Hose Tee With Barbs | 10mm up to 25mm



Poly Hose Tee & Reducing Hose Tee With Barbs | 10mm up to 25mm .

A range of polypropylene fittings designed to control, disperse, slow and divert water through a low pressure system. Size range from 10mm to 25mm.

Tapered entry on all barbed fittings for ease of installation, UV stabilised materials for long life, Operating pressure range up to 300kPa, suitable for home gardens, landscaping, commercially installed irrigation systems, Caravan and Motorhomes.

Suits Poly and PVC Hose.

Available in:

  • Part number      Size (all these barbs are the same size)
  • W113a               Poly Hose Tee 10mm Barbs
  • W113b               Poly Hose Tee 13mm Barbs
  • W113c               Poly Hose Tee 16mm Barbs
  • W113d               Poly Hose Tee 19mm Barbs
  • W113e               Poly Hose Tee 25mm Barbs


  • Part number      Size (The first size is the straight through section and second number is the Branch)
  • W113f               reducing hose Tee 12mm – 10mm
  • W113g              reducing hose Tee 19mm – 13mm
  • W113h              reducing hose Tee 19mm – 16mm
  • W113i               reducing hose Tee 25mm – 13mm
  • W113j               reducing hose Tee 25mm – 19mm
  • W113k              Increasing hose Tee 13mm – 19mm
  • W113L              Increasing hose Tee 19mm – 25mm



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Weight .02 kg
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 cm

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