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Aeroflow Drinking tap for plastic Drum with 20mm (3/4″) Thread

$12.50 GST

Aeroflow Drinking tap for plastic Drum with 20mm (3/4″) Thread



Aeroflow Drinking tap for plastic Drum with 20mm (3/4″) Thread

If you have a water container with a ‘bung’ that blocks the water release hole, then you may be able to interchange the bung with this Plastic Tap.

Refilling drink bottles or filling up glasses of water couldn’t be easier, thanks to the Plastic Tap. It dispenses water quickly without spillage, ensuring that no water is wasted and no mess is created. The tap won’t leak when it is turned off.

The Plastic Tap will make drinking from your containers quick and easy, so you can stay hydrated in the Australian outdoors. Be sure to measure your threads to make sure it is compatible with this product.




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Weight .100 kg
Dimensions 14 × 11 × 6 cm


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