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65mm X 65mm Plastic C-Section Bumper Skid

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65mm X 65mm X 1.5m Grey Plastic C-Section Bumper Skid

C-section Bumper Cover Pads / Skids have a number of different functions and uses. Our bumper cover skids can be used as protective covers over wobble roller brackets or other square section profiles that need protection. The plastic C-Section skids are also an alternative product to boat trailer bunks. Due to how the plastic profile is extruded, the bumper pads are strong enough to stand on their own and don’t need any timber or steel to be attached to the skid. Simply insert your bracket inside the skid, and you are good to go!
Not using these covers on a boat trailer? These plastic covers are ideal for anyone looking to cover RHS to help protect different applications from rubbing direct on steel. Ladder racks, ute trays, box trailers, roof racks are some examples of how these covers can be used.


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Weight 4.2 kg
Dimensions 160 × 10 × 10 cm


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