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Slow release odour B gone 20 tablets

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Odour-B-Gone slow release

Slow release (blue) for larger black and grey water tanks.


Removes bad odours

Breaks down solids

Contains no harmful chemicals

Economical and easy to use

Safe for septic & sewer systems

Protects rubber seals

Compact and easy to store

Can be placed in your shower base to combat odours in your grey water.

Acts as a disinfectant and cleaner whilst washing dishes.


A new environmentally friendly toilet disk developed for use in cassette & black-water holding tanks

Ideal for caravans, campervans, motor homes, buses and boats

Easy to use with no mess

Non-toxic – TGA registered

Safe to discharge into septic/sewer systems

Fast release lasts 7 days

Slow release lasts 14 days

Keep Toilets Smelling fresh

The new Odour-B-Gone product is an environmentally friendly, nontoxic toiletry disk that keeps the toilet smelling fresh at all times.

It is safe to use and to discharge into septic and long drop toilet systems, is suitable for portable toilets and cassettes up to 20 litres in capacity and will last up to seven days.

The user simply has to place half a disk into the bottom tank with a little bit of water and half a disk in the top (flushing tank).  There is also a disk available for larger black/grey water tanks.  This will last up to 14 days per 20 litres of sullage.  The disk is basically oxygen, so the odours will disappear and heavy matter is broken down, making it easy to discharge.

The Odour-B-Gone disk can also be left on the shower base to remove bad odours coming from the shower base pipe and it will also clean the pipe through to the grey water tank.

In addition, when washing dishes with detergent, simply place the longer life disk in the sink with the dishes and then when the user has finished, take out the disk, which will now perform as a deodoriser and cleaner the next time it is used.

You can also dissolve a disk with water and pour it into a spray bottle to use for general cleaning purposes in the kitchen, cupboards, tiled areas, fridge and so forth.

Odour-B-Gone has a TGA approval.


Slow release (blue) for larger black and grey water tanks (>25 litres).

Use 1 disk to each 20 litres of black water (each disk will last up to 14 days).

The principle is the same as for use with cassette toilets (top tank).

Important – Owners who have the macerator type unit, crush the disk before placing it in as it could damage the unit.


Place a slow-release disk on the floor of the shower base as this will slowly break down and will clean the pipes and get rid of the odour in the grey-water tank.  Also place a disk in the kitchen sink while washing the dishes occasionally, this will do the same and will get rid of odours.  No need to place a disk into the grey-water tank directly as the method above works effectively.

NOTE – If you have been using BLUE CHEMICAL in your waste tanks, you should soak and rinse thoroughly using our disks, as an odour can still occur due to the possible of leeching of remnant blue chemical from the plastic and reducing the effectiveness of the disk.

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