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Essential Camping and Caravan Accessories

There’s a lot to love about packing up the caravan, heading onto a great Aussie road and going camping and, we have to admit, putting together our caravan accessories is one of those simple joys!

If you’ve visited the Trailer and Caravan Superstore online you’ve probably noticed just how many caravan, camping, boat and automotive accessories are available. So what do you need? And what don’t you need but is essential for making your next camping trip memorable for all the right reasons?

Let’s dive into everything you need to know about caravan/camping accessories?

What do we mean by caravan accessories?

We’re no walking dictionary, but as part of this essential list of caravan parts and accessories, we’re defining an accessory as something that will make caravanning and camping easier, more convenient or more enjoyable.

So how important is having the latest caravan accessories? Ultimately, it comes down to your preferences and your style of camping. There are a lot of factors that go into kitting yourself out for a camping trip. While our list indicates what we would prioritise as the most essential and best accessories, you can adapt the list based on your habits, your caravan and your preferences. 

Either way, there are many benefits to ensuring you’re equipped with the right items and products before leaving home.

  • Your camping trip will be more comfortable, more convenient and a lot easier.
  • Investing in reliable and high quality accessories means you can rest assured you and your family will be safe.
  • You’ll be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances.
  • You can focus on what you enjoy instead of worrying about things unnecessarily.  

Packing your caravan for camping

Most caravans can be upgraded and fitted out to suit your specific needs and preferences. While this is not the case with all caravans, even those that cannot be upgraded can still be customised somewhat.

Regardless of whether you work on your caravan yourself, pay a professional to fit it out for you or leave it as you bought it, packing your caravan safely is just as important as making sure you have the right camping accessories. 

Here are our top tips for how to pack your caravan for camping:

  1. Use bags, packing cells, collapsible racks, and other organisational packs to keep everything sorted and in place.
  2. Keep all kitchen items and utensils in storage containers that fit in your cupboard. 
  3. Tie down everything that you can or anything in danger of moving while you’re on the road.
  4. Evenly distribute all your items so your caravan is balanced and the weight is even.

The Best Caravan Accessories for Camping

1. Cooking Utensils and Cutlery

First on our list of the top caravan accessories are cooking utensils and cutlery. Whether you’re just planning on eating barbecued meals or you’re hoping to catch dinner on the end of a hook and fillet it back at camp, making sure you have a sturdy, quality set of cooking utensils and cutlery will make mealtimes all the more pleasant and stress-free. 

2. Gas Accessories

From detectors and gauges to spare hoses and regulators, there are a number of gas accessories that you shouldn’t be without. You’re probably going to be using gas for a range of different activities both inside the caravan and out (think barbeque) so having all the accessories you need to keep on top of your gas usage is a must.

3. Levelling and Chocks

When you’re on the move you want your caravan to go, but when you’re camped you’ll want it to stay put. Having sturdy anti-theft wheel chocks and levelling accessories will give you and your loved ones much needed peace of mind that no matter where the camping-bug takes you, your caravan will be securely where you need it to be.

4. Hot Water and Heating

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you need to rough it. Stock up on your hot water and heating caravan accessories so that whether you’re in the mood for a cuppa or need to warm up from top to toe, you’ll have all the heat-related equipment you need. 

5. Solar Power

How do you like your solar? Trailer and Caravan Superstore has folding and fixed solar panels so you can find the perfect solar power solution for you. Your caravan will be spending an extraordinary amount of time in the great Aussie sun and it would be a waste to not capitalise on the sustainability, efficiency and opportunity presented to you. The newest caravan accessories offer unrivalled access to solar power, so it’s worth investing in high quality panels.

6. Tables

Camping tables come in all sizes and styles so you’re bound to find the one that suits your camping needs and family. Quick access, sturdy fold-out tables are absolutely essential for mealtimes, playing cards or for just general preparation. That’s why we’ve added it to our list of must-have caravan accessories. 

7. Vents

Fine, so vents may be less an accessory and more a caravan part but it’s just as essential. Providing much needed air flow, there are a number of vents available to suit caravans of all types. Easy to modify your vehicle, it doesn’t matter if you need a bottom vent, roof vent or even a 12V shower vent with LED lights, Trailer & Caravan Superstore has it all.

8. Water Tanks, Pumps and Fittings

Water tanks may be another no-brainer addition to a list of best caravan accessories but that’s not where your shopping list should end. Having the right pumps and filters on hand is just as important to ensure you don’t just have water but can access it without a hitch. 

9. Electrical Leads, Storage and Outlets

Among the latest caravan accessories available are highly energy-efficient and well designed electrical leads, storage and outlets. Your camp lighting, appliances and more will be dependent on your ability to access campsite provided power points and having the right electrical accessories with you is a non-negotiable. 

10. Access Doors

If you’re ready to modify and custom fit your caravan, check out our range of access doors. There are makes and styles for all sorts of caravans and suitable for a range of vehicles. Easy access to your caravan and simple, reliable locking mechanisms can be game changing when you’re out camping and on the road. 

11. Sinks

You’ve got kitchen utensils, gas, and hot water… So why not throw the kitchen sink in there too! While you’re travelling in a home-on-wheels away from home, make sure to travel with the comfort of home too. Installable sinks are a simple yet hugely practical custom caravan accessory to add to your list.

12. Steps & Ladders

Last but not least, we’re reaching for the sky. Keeping a variety of steps and ladders will ensure you can access everything and everywhere you need. There are a number of different models available so make sure to find the one that best suits and fits your specific caravan and needs. 

Start finding your caravan accessories today

There you have it: the essential and best caravan accessories you need to have for your next camping trip. Ready to start assembling your kit? Visit our online store today to find the right caravan accessories for you!